Vegan Week Challenge

For some unknown reason, we decided to challenge ourselves to seven days of eating vegan. Okay, actually, I do know why we decided to do it. We were watching The Great British Bake Off, and they had a vegan week, which they introduced with this song…


Since it’s been stuck in our heads for months, we realized that the only way we could get it out of our heads would be to dive in and do it!

Kyle did his thing and researched the hell out of vegan recipes. Our biggest challenge will be getting enough protein without totally drowning ourselves in calorie bombs. Kyle had to order some plant-based protein powder & tweak some recipes to make them as healthy as possible. It turns out, not all things that are vegan are healthy!

The basics: we had to decide on our milk substitute and come up with little ways to get extra protein. We opted for Silk Almond Milk- Vanilla flavor because, personally, I think regular almond milk tastes like watery nuts- so the vanilla flavor makes it taste less like it’s not milk. Did that make sense? Paired with Special K Protein, they make a pretty great snack or breakfast! I also put some in my coffee, and the vanilla flavor works extra well in the coffee.

We also had to do a major grocery run! Our preferred produce shop is Buford Highway Farmers Market. We got almost everything from the list. A big part of the shopping for me was supplies for juices (pic 2). Kyle’s mom got me a Breville Juicer for my birthday and I’ve loved getting to juice everything! So today, I went through Pinterest and found seven juices that I’m most excited about, one for each day!

I wrote up a review of all of the juices that I made, check it out.

So, today! It was our first day of our Vegan Week Challenge! I’ll share our recipe reviews & creations, and tell you our meal plans in case it inspires you to try your own vegan week challenge. In the meantime- if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

For one of the big reasons why I wanted to do a Vegan Week, besides just to challenge ourselves, was to help reset from our recent travels.

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