Vegan Week Challenge: Day 2

Breakfast. Chex Rice Cereal + Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

So I tried making a “healthy Mary juice” which I thought would basically be a Bloody Mary but without the vodka. Still sounds tasty, right?! WRONG! I’ve learned that anything with celery juice in it is not for me. I love raw celery, or celery in soups, but in juice form, it’s just plain icky.

Instead, I opted for a trusty favorite: cereal. My Rice Chex is already both gluten and dairy free, so I pared that with our Silk Vanilla Almond Milk– which seemed to add a ton of sugary flavor to my usually bland breakfast.



Basically, since we woke up after 11, we snacked throughout the afternoon on all of the juices that I made up. One thing we learned about vegan week, it comes with approximately 10 billion fruit flies. The only way to get rid of them was to make all of the juices ASAP.

Be sure to check out my, reviewing all of the juices that I made today, and talking about my new Breville Juicer . It seemed like too much to put in this post.

Snacks. Homemade Hummus + Carrots • Bread + Blue Bonnet “Butter”

Kyle makes the smoothest hummus, using a Serious Eats recipe, by cooking the chick peas in our Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, and blending in our VitaMix Blender. It’s the perfect lower-cal alternative to peanut butter and tastes even better with carrots! I like to doctor it up with some cumin and cayenne.

Dinner. Samosas • Channa Masala

Indian seems like an easy choice when going for vegan foods, right? Yes and no. It’s EXCELLENT for vegetarian foods, but a bit more difficult for vegan eats. Still more simple than, say, Mexican food, but we still had to do some research.

I’m not sure if I read her recipe wrong, or if it’s poorly written, but I used Holy Cow Vegan’s Punjabi Samosa recipe for the samosa Wrapper. One of the main things, which I should have caught sooner, si that she calls to put the oil and water in the dough at the same time. I should have thought of it like any flaky short crust pastry: make a crumb using the oil first, then add water to bring it all together. If we’d realized how badly the dough had turned out sooner, we would have made a new dough using different recipe, but we decided to just go with it. As you can see: they did not bubble, they did not brown. We haven’t found a great wrapper recipe since losing our old amazing one- so if you have a good one, please, drop it in the comments below!

Of course, we went back to our old favorite, Kenji/The Food Lab over at Serious Eats for his Channa Masala Recipe.


Dear Diary,

I am tired, all the time. I had one of the best runs I’ve had in years, my body felt great, so that might be contributing to my exhaustion. But I woke up in the middle of the night starving and unable to fall asleep until I took a sleep gummy. But overall, just tired. The food has been tasty though, and I haven’t had

Kyle says: I’m a little low energy.

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