Vegan Week Challenge: Day 5

Day 5! Or as Kyle keeps saying: “only four more scoops” of plant protein powder left!

Breakfast. Honey Bunches of Oats Apple Cinnamon + Silk Almond Milk

Oh no! I was so busy trying to avoid dairy, eggs, and meat that I forgot that honey is against the vegan diet too! I literally took my last bite of cereal and realized what I’d done. I’m just glad that we don’t re-set the challenge at a mistake, haha.

Morning Snack. Juice + Peanut Butter Toast

Check out my full juice review post to see what’s in this delicious Pink Lady Detox Juice.


Lunch. Tofu Fried Rice Lettuce Wraps


Check out yesterday’s post to see how we made the Tofu Lettuce Cups. Today, I threw some Blue Bonnet “butter” in a skillet with the leftover tofu mixture & sushi rice and dumped soy sauce into the pan. It made up an awesome fried rice, but because it still lacked any texture differentiation, I did eat it as lettuce cups still so there would be some crunch. Topped with scallions and ginger, this was a super filling and healthy lunch!

Snacks. Toasted Ritz Chips • Pineapple Juice

I’m loving the pineapple juice! It’s super tart. Check out the full recipe & review.

Dinner. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Using our trust Serious Eats, we found a decadent vegan pasta dish! Do you know how hard it is to find “decadent” and “vegan” in the same recipe?? Inspired by Jon Favreau’s Chef (the movie and TV show) and his “Scarlett’s Pasta”- an aglio e olio dish, we were desperate for some of that decadence. It was a little tricky to do it without adding butter or cheese to the mix because those just ramp up the flavors so much. But we opted for a blistered cherry tomato pasta dish from Serious Eats.

To add some flavor, we whipped this up using heirloom cherry tomatoes- for added color- and used pepper infused olive oil and spaghetti to give it a little punch.

I got this Sogno Toscano pepper infused olive oil years ago at the Scottsdale Waterfront Fine Art & Wine Festival. It’s a super easy way to add just a little kick to your dish. We also used Rustichella d’Abruzzo peperoncino infused spaghetti –bought from an adorable shop in Stillwater, MN. (p.s. if you’re in the area, check out Cooks of Crocus Hill for some awesome cookware!)

Our final product was delicious! Plus- what’s a bowl of pasta without a glass of vino?



Dear Diary,

My stomach doesn’t feel any better today but I was significantly less hungry! I’m not sure if I timed my food better, or if it was the types of foods that I ate. Only two more days to go! I loved tonight’s dinner, it was awesome to have just a regular dish.

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