Vegan Week Challenge: Day 6

It’s the second-to-last day of our Vegan Week Challenge and it’s going well! I spent most of today in Savannah, which really solidified how difficult it is to dine out while eating vegan.

Breakfast. Cereal + Silk Soy Milk • OJ

A simple breakfast from my hotel- I’m glad they had the soy milk, because there was nothing else at the buffet that I could eat this week besides the cereal!

Lunch. Vegan Pancakes • Elderflower Esperesso Tonic

I was so excited to find a vegan restaurant in Savannah- not that I was surprised, just excited!

I got the Elderflower Espresso Tonic & Gunslinger Pancakes • @minorfigures pancakes, cold-smoked & cultures organic cashew butter, Vermont maple syrup, @perccoffee fair-trade single origin Colombia La Unión espresso dusting. They were D E L I C I O U S!! I could only eat about 1/3 of them, but still crazy tasty! I was also super impressed by the cashew butter- I honestly wouldn’t have noticed a difference. I can’t tell if I’m just getting used to not having the real thing, or if the cashew butter just worked with the pancakes.

My coffee drink was fascinating! I’ve got to be honest, I wan’t the biggest fan. I really enjoyed the elderflower tonic water, but it wasn’t nearly sweet enough to balance out the major bitter aftertaste left by the espresso. I did love how it mixed up though, I felt like I was dealing with an obscurial from Fantastic Beasts.

Snacks. French Fries • Wine

My flight was supposed to take off at 1:01. We boarded on time at 12:21. It’s currently 3:39 pm and I’m still sitting on this plane. After boarding on time, we were in line to take-off and found out that ATL is under a “ground-stop”, so we stayed on the tar-mac, in line for about over an hour. Finally we went back to the gate and deplaned- at first I tried fining a snack and then quickly realized that finding tasty / crave-worthy snack food on a vegan diet is stupidly difficult. Then I realized that the Savannah / Hilton Head airport has a “passport club” for [any] airline club members. This was a great place to chill until I heard my flight called to be boarded, less than 30 minutes after deplaning- YAY!

Before I could even walk the 100 yards to the gate, the departure time changed again! 

Instead, I made my way to Dewar’s Clubhouse Bar & Grille- one of my frequent stops at the SAV airport. Bonus / pro tip: because Savannah is open-container, so is it’s airport. Which means, if you don’t finish your adult beverage, of if you’d rather pay regular pricers over airline prices, you can grab a drink at the restaurant and get it to-go and walk on to your flight like you’re driving a cola! I sat at the bar, commiserated with fellow disappointed passengers, and enjoyed the only thing I could guarantee was vegan-friendly: French fries and wine.  (*note: if you ever end up at Dewar’s, grab their quesadillas, I couldn’t have them this week, but that’s my favorite item on their menu) 


It’s 3:44 pm. We’ve had our “wheels up” time change five+ times. Apparently Delta is in negotiations to get a new one. What even is that?! Negotiations? It’s insanity- that’s what it is. Sadly, my wine and fries are gone, but hopefully we’ll get off the ground soon and I can get to that chorizo tonight!

4:45 pm. Another storm blew through, we are finally off the ground!

Dinner. Vegan Chorizo Tacos • Guacamole • Black Beans

We used Kenji / Serious Eats Vegan Chorizo for Omnivores recipe and it turned out pretty tasty! My only comment is that it was a little earthy for my taste- I think that the cinnamon overpowered the potential spiciness and I will definitely add some more chili/peppers when I reheat this Friday. We really enjoyed this dinner though! The recipe made sooooo much vegan chorizo! We have at least 1/3 of it left!

Dear Diary,

Most of today was spent being frustrated at Delta airlines. Other than that, I think my body might be adjusting? I think I’m going to try the Keto diet next. It’s basically the exact opposite of what we’ve done this week- so that should be super interesting!


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