Vegan Week Challenge: Day 7

It’s our last day of our Vegan Week Challenge!

Breakfast. Strawberry Lime Kiwi Juice

Be sure to read my full Juice Recipe Round Up & Review! This juice was easily my favorite- however, it doesn’t have any of the superfoods or gut-health ingredients that people often use in juices, nor does it have any veggies. With all of that being said, it’s the most juicy-juice yet and is definitely the tastiest!


Lunch. Salad Bar.

I was out with a friend and grabbed a salad from Whole Foods, sadly, no picture of the salad- it wasn’t very pretty anyways. But look how cool this rooftop at Whole Foods Atlanta Midtown is!

Dinner. Falafel.

Goodness gracious! This was probably the MOST tasty Vegan Week dinner yet. We absolutely loved every single bite, but holy moly, it’s not healthy! Falafel is like a greek hush puppy- literally, no redeeming health quality. But like I said, super bananas delicious! Using mint leaves from our garden, we used this Kenji / Serious Eats Easy Herb-Packed Falafel Recipe. I’m glad that we only made a 1/2 batch, otherwise, we definitely would have scarfed the entire thing.


Dear Diary,

It’s over!!!! Yay, at midnight, we’re going to snack on some burrata cheese. I’m really happy that we did this challenge, mostly because I’ve had digestion issues for some time and was so worried that they were caused by some sort of dairy intolerance. After doing Vegan Week and definitively not having any dairy for 7 days, I feel very confident in saying that any issues that I have are not caused by my body’s poor reaction to dairy. Which means, it must be something else. So I think I’ll try doing Keto next! That’s a low-carb high-fat diet, we’ll see how it goes!


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